Monday, 21 March 2011

Ukrainian Fashion Week. day 5

On the 5th day of UFW I've managed to come with a better cam, but still it didn't help much with a catwalk shooting. the look I chose to try was quite strict, black+leopard, I wore the dress by turkish young designers (that looks a bit like Lanvin to me), Fornarina knee-high wedges and River Island clutch.

My favourite catwalk looks of the day were:

transparant pieces from LUVI and shiny materials from Latushkina

as previously, a lot of dark shades, Dominanta, Slastion, Rito and Lukis

as soon as I saw that play-suit and the red jacket by Oleinik, I want them in my wardrobe

the best feature from Molchanova collection was 'space' material

The most untisipated show of the day was of cource by Julia Aisina, which gathered probably the bigger half of Kyiv's 'elite'. loved the models hair in form of horns(wouldn't mind do that on my head one day))). the collection itself was ok, but nothing more. after the 3rd look it was more interesting to look at the pompous 'zoo' at the front row.

and yes, the show was closed by a guy in a dress))


  1. lovely photos!

  2. horoshee platie

  3. Hi!
    I've just discovered your blog... and it's a nice blog you have!
    Would you like to exchange links? Thanks!

  4. great post!love your dress!!xx

  5. oh thank you!!
    this one of my favourite dresses))


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