Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ukrainian Fashion Week. day 3 and 4

The major colours in collections of these days were black and different shades of grey. it was quite a contrast to two previous days were designers easily played with bright palette. probably a decent amount of people still consider autumn and winter to be the specificly 'dark' seasons of the year.
The biggest amount of looks from the collection that fitted to my liking were from Krasilnikova, loved the transparent long dresses, such a must-have right now

Very grey but really nice was the Pecherova man's collection

Transparency was almost among all of the runways, here Bevza, lobanova and BeKh

Although there were some 'sporty'and easy looks, here Zinaida lihachova, Nadya Dzyak and Olga Sobol

Zalevskiy was the most spoken-about showmaker as usual. the basic colours of the collection were black and electric blue, which made a good combination

The last transparant body-suit and the mask on the know what, could perfectly fit in Lady Gaga's wardrobe, don't you think? ))


  1. Дякую за велеслий комент! ;) Приємно бачити українські подіуми на просторах блогів! :)

  2. HA HA , Lady Gaga body-suit

  3. hahah before i even saw what you wrote under the picture i thought of lady gaga!! hhaha


  4. UFW seychas prohodit kak ni kak))
    maybe Zalevskiy will be Lady Gaga's next favourite designer)))

  5. Wow, Urkaine fashion week is so innovative! I have never seen photos before - thanks for sharing!

  6. you are welcome)ukrainian fashion is rising now


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