Friday, 25 February 2011

Natalie, ma cherie

Finally!! the new Miss Dior Cherie commercial featuring stunning Natalie Portman is out! it is such a delight to see your favourite designer collaborating with one of your vafourite actresses, espesially after his previous choice.

The video was shot in Paris (of cource), in July by talented Sofia Coppola (slightly feel the Marie Antoinette style), who's been doing the previous Miss Dior Cherie commercial as well. pictures are by Tim Walker, but we're not gonna see them until March. the LBD (little black dress) Natalie is wearing is by John Galliano inspired by the iconic parfume.

Can't get enough of these pictures! they make me want to go and open a box with my brand new Miss Dior Cherie parfumes right now))

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