Monday, 26 July 2010

Dear John, ... WHAT THE FUCK?!

I just don't get it, why on earth was Taylor Momsen, who plays the slutty little girl in Gossip Girl, chosen to be the spokesperson for new John Galliano fragnance, due this fall?! well, ok, I'm fine with her music career (unlikely her acting career) and she is kinda suitable for Madonnas Material Girl line, but that's it! hello!! there are plenty of beautiful and interesting faces, style icons and popular actors/singers in the world! and the choise is this

being one of my favourite designers, John make's me sad someimes ://


  1. True, but he wants that everybody is talking about it and so his fragrance is getting well known! You see it works!!

    By the way, love your blog

  2. agreed. its time for her to buy a pair of pants.


  3. well, maybe they will do her a heavy make-up)))


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