Monday, 19 July 2010

Did Galliano followed Lagerfeld's example?

After watchin the last Christian Dior houte couture collection, I was pretty confused by the look of John. he surely lost a lot of weight, at least it is obviously seen if comparing to the spring-summer 2010 fashion week. so is it Galliano's decision to look slimmer, the way Karl Lagerfeld did years ago, or there's a much more serious cause designer is dealing with? as long as I'm his big fan, I'm curious. here are pictures to compare:

This is John Galliano looking his usual fit self as we used to see him...

...and this is the way he looks like now

the difference is obvious, don't you think?

Also I'd like to post Christian Dior houte couture 2010-2011 collection because it is absolutely stanning and of cource another chance for you to take a look at John


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