Friday, 21 May 2010

Are you ready to look like Nicole Richie?

As you all know, the infamous starlet Nicole Richie after giving birth to her baby-girl decided to become a fashion designer. well, that was not a shoking news for the hollywood crowd (as we all know most of the it-girls have to do somthing with fashion today), but unlikely her bff Paris Hilton, young mommy of two decided to make her fashion statement more seriously. so she began with a quite successfull jewellery line House of Harlow, named after her daughter. as no surprise, it quickly expanded to the shoe line and apparel brand Winter Kate (wich is also stands for her daughter's middle names). Just like Nicole's personal style, her hippie-bohemian fashion line is inspired by vintage clothes and style icons of 70-s.
Here are the most interesting pieces from the latest Winter Kate collection

As you've may noticed, there's nothing breathtaking about this clothes, but overall it looks nice. anyway, if you don't want to spend about 300$ on a piece, you will easily find something similar in a much more cheaper fast fashion store. same thing with the shoe line

Spring/summer 2010 collections, wich were her first apparel and shoe collections, looked quite similar to the fall/winter ones, but with more bright colours ofcource. I must say, I really loved the long kimono dress

In my opinion, Nicole's jewellery collections still make her main fashion statement, and here are my favourite picks


  1. I have to agree with you, her jewellery line is Way much better,than clothes.
    In love with key-ring!


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